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New Zofran Lawsuits Filed In Alabama and Louisiana

As news of the link between Zofran and birth defects builds, more lawsuits around the country are popping up claiming that GlaxoSmithKline contributed to birth defects in the children of mothers prescribed Zofran while pregnant.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - The month of June saw a handful of Zofran lawsuits filed against pharmaceutical manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for its role in failing to warn consumers of the link between the anti-nausea pill and the increased risk of birth defects. Pregnant mothers throughout the country have filed claims against the company after they claimed their children were harmed and in some cases did not survive the pregnancy after they were prescribed Zofran to help treat their problems with morning sickness.

On June 6, a Louisiana mother filed a lawsuit against GSK claiming that the Zofran she was prescribed to help treat her morning sickness symptoms contributed to birth defects her son was born with. The child, who was born in 2006, was born with severe lung and heart defects after her mother had taken Zofran at times throughout all three trimesters. Attorneys representing the plaintiffs have filed for damages far above Louisiana's jurisdictional limit of $75,000.

More cases, filed on June 23, Were filed in Alabama a two mothers filed separate suits against GSK also claiming that they were prescribed Zofran while pregnant. The allegations claim that both of the children referenced in the lawsuits suffered from severe heart defects as a result, with one having to receive a pacemaker at the age of four. The women were not aware of Zofran's possible link to their children's birth defects until recent news began to build about similar allegations and studies conducted that linked the medication to the occurrence of birth defects.

Zofran birth defect research conducted by Harvard and and Boston University have both discovered a link between Zofran use and the increased risk of birth defects for pregnant mothers who use the drug. The medical journal Reproductive Toxicology also published an article claiming that Zofran use in the first trimester was a significant factor in the likelihood of a child developing birth defects while in the womb. In addition to these findings there have been more medical journal articles and newspaper reports that have continually found links between Zofran and birth defects when taken by pregnant mothers.

Plaintiffs have claimed that GSK intentionally ignored the Zofran birth defect research, choosing instead to illegally market the drugs off-label to physicians to prescribe them to treat morning sickness. The FDA had only approved the use for Zofran as anti-nausea measures for cancer patients, and GSK's marketing of the drug for morning sickness was never properly researched or tested before it was prescribed to pregnant mothers. The allegations against GSK claim that much like allegations that led to the company's $3 billion settlement with the Department of Justice in large part over off-label marketing, the company advised physicians to prescribe the drug not in the interest of the patients, but rather to build the largest profit possible off the sale of the medication.

Attorneys representing GSK recently filed a motion to transfer the Zofran lawsuits filed against them into multidistrict litigation before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. At the time, GSK file the request for 12 cases, a number that is expected to rise over the coming months as news of the medication's association with birth defects spreads.

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